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What a ride!

NSFW: Photographer Shoots Her Own Photos While Giving Birth To Baby Boy - flunedloagist.tk

Then, as with all good stories, the fairy-tale came to an end. The relationship descended into emotional chaos. Rather than ride out the storm, I jumped ship. I have never felt such longing as with this woman. I have no memory, before or after, of wanting anything or anyone so much. And more importantly, how do I repeat the positive conditions? My desire to understand drove me to try and work out how to make it all happen again…or something better. We met on a meditation retreat in California. I know how painful life can be.

I know how sweet it can be too. I would like to help guide you towards your total and utter fulfillment all or nothing, eh? I understand the pattern, I can guide, I would love to help you live the inspired life that I know, through experience is possible. And to be honest, if I could get away with not showing you this image I would.

If it were a blank piece of paper with. Are you seeing the pattern here? I also have a channel a life-force that requires me to make sense of my world in a logical way. This is the engineering and spirituality I wished to go and study — the two dominant forces of my nature, wishing to express themselves. At least enough to take a look at your own chart since your chart will undoubtedly tell the story of your life too. The struggles we face in life are from trying to do the opposite — trying to live out of the white space.

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I remember being a child. As an aside, if you have children close to you, please learn their designs ASAP so they can be guided to their inherent nature as early as possible in life. Richard is a wise and intuitive reader who will help you uncover or make sense of parts of your life and help you move forwards.

And I love it. If you want to leave her any questions below I will have her answer them! Not everyone can have a doula or midwife by their side at birth. If you have a friend, family member, or significant other who can be an advocate for you in the birth room it can make all the difference. Someone who understands you, knows your birth intentions, and can be a voice for you when you need is I believe, one of the most important elements you can bring with you to have your baby;.

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Without the mental prep, your plan can end up hindering or harming your overall birth experience. So instead of a birth plan this go around, I am setting more of an intention : To accept what is happening to my body, to accept the pain that paves the way to meeting my baby, and to be open to however that baby needs to come into the world. This intention makes way for the peace I so desire for this birth, no matter what happens. After 5 births, I have come to realize how little you really need in the hospital. They give you just about everything for you and the baby!

Here are the essentials I have narrowed it down to over the years. Robe or nursing gown for post delivery Nursing tanks Nursing bras — Really love this one from Avyn. The fit is perfect. Postpartum leggings — I basically just wear nursing tanks, leggings, and robes the whole hospital stay, and the first few weeks at home! Sweater robe Cozy socks Slippers — Gabe got me the ones pictured below a few years ago, and here are some similar ones.

They last forever because they are hand made, and I have used them for diaper bags and travel bags for years!

Lip balm — my lips get super dry during pregnancy and labor so this is a must! Heating pad — you can use your own heating pad for the post birth cramps no one prepares you for. They get more painful with each baby so the heating pads can be a lifesaver. I got one like this on ETSY years ago that had aromatherapy scents inside.

Belly blend — 10 drops Clary Sage to every 10 drops fractioned coconut oil. Rub on uterus area through contractions. It helps regulate contractions and also what I will use postpartum to help uterus go back into place.

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  • NSFW: Photographer Shoots Her Own Photos While Giving Birth To Baby Boy - flunedloagist.tk.
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Happy blend — 10 drops Joy, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Peace and Calming, fill the rest with fractioned coconut oil The scents that help mood boost or relax — it really is your preference. It can be as simple as smelling this roller bottle that can be incredibly calming and boosting! This time I want to start combating baby blues and anxiety right away so planning on using this blend by rubbing on feet, spine, and over the heart a few times a day after birth. Deep Relief Massage oil — Gabe or my doula can use this for muscle tension, aches, and soreness relief during labor.

Whether you are having a planned c-section, epidural, or unmedicated birth, the hospital really does have everything you need for you and the baby. Just bring your essentials that you think you will use in the time you are there. I obviously have, and it seemed to get worse over time. So I want to end this post with an opportunity for you to share a positive birth experience with everyone reading. I would love to uplift and encourage any new mamas to be. Please keep my family in your prayers as we get ready to welcome this new little one.

I appreciate it so much! So glad you have the support of your sister doula! We used Doula for both of our childrens births it it made me feel safe and supported which was key to me relaxing and embracing the process and had both babies without pain meds in a hospital setting i like being able to move around.

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Yes I am so thankful — wishing I would have had the same with the rest of my births! Yours sounds like my Max story — he came in about 45 minutes! I heard of bad stories and even watched a few YouTube videos of first time birth stories. I stayed home and labored until my contractions were 5 mins apart. This was only about 6 hours. When I arrived at the hospital it was 3 AM and I was told my water was not present oops! I must have leaked! They admitted me immediately and by 11 AM I had my baby with only one hour of pushing! Fortunately, for my first baby it was only one hour of pushing 30 mins of actively pushing during contractions.

It all happened so swiftly and peacefully. It really is empowering to have your own positive experience!


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Keep sharing it with new mamas. I have been following your blog silently since Azelie was born and wanted to let you know you have been a continual inspiration to me, especially now that I have recently become a mama too. Your sincerity, grace, opemindedness and sweetness is evident in all of your posts. Sending lots of love and all the best wishes to you as you welcome this new baby to your beautiful family. There were low lows and high highs through the whole thing. The best parts: my husbands unwavering support of and advocacy for me through every minute, the sound of his voice as he spoke to our child the first time, the support of the incredible nurses, feeling the squirmy baby on my chest right after the baby was born, and the relief of the epidural after the first 16 hours without it.

I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and kind comment. Thank you so much for reading these past few years, and for these encouraging words! I got teary reading because when I think of the moments I shared with Gabe after each baby…they really were some of the best of our marriage. Working at the hospital where we decided to deliver was an easy choice for us. I am extremely comfortable there and would trust the NICU team with my baby and the ICU team with myself if the worst case scenario happened.

One of the best experiences was being a part of a baby friendly hospital. Once the baby is born, they do not leave your side unless going for a circ. This means pediatrician visit, first bath, everything happens in the room.

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  5. The lactation nurses came even for my second birth just to make sure I did not have any questions amazing what you forget in 7 months! It was an amazing experience. I was worried as a planned section that I would miss out on what so many women talk about and are revered for but I had my own amazing experience that I wouldnt change! Congratulations sister. Prayers for a peaceful and healthy delivery and LOTS of self love post delivery!

    Thank you so much for sharing. I mostly wanted to read this for the hospital bag suggestions but I came away with so much more! Your birth intention is exactly how I have been feeling but unsure how to put into words. I had heard mostly negative experiences about inductions, but at 41 weeks I was okay with just about anything! Thankfully mine went beautifully. My body responded well to the Pitocin, the epidural worked quickly and completely and I felt so safe with the anesthesiologist.

    I only had very minor first degree tears thanks to a doctor who made great decisions as I was pushing. It was such a calm day! I can only hope that all of my future births go as smoothly!